“True North / Lux Nova is a strong culmination of Sarah Hall’s experimental melding of modern technologies and her ancient art. But it is also an important moment in her ongoing campaign to renew the art of architectural glass in our time.”
“Colour, light and art have brought joy and inspiration to people throughout the ages. There is something both real and unreal about light and colour. They are tangible and distant, familiar and mysterious. Light and colour are constant companions of body and soul. They constitute a many-facetted door to the mind, and the artist’s use of these elements has often reflected how their own society best understands of the natural world. While in recent decades electrically generated light sources have stimulated artistic imagination, it is only now that the new scientific insight - that light can generate electricity - has been translated into a new and unique artistic offering. Sarah Hall’s new windows illuminate, but they also create light. Incorporating photovoltaic cells, her installation bestows a double gift: beauty and helpfulness. What more can we wish for?”
"The Wind Tower and art glass installation are a perfect expression of the values held at Regent College. Our international graduate school of
Christian Studies is committed to the integration of faith into all spheres of life. With its dependence on the ever-changing beauty of wind, light and colour, the Wind Tower and art glass are a majestic addition to our campus.”

John Bentley Mays

Architecture critic & author “Innovating Tradition”

Dr. Rod Wilson

Project: True North/Lux Nova, Regent College, Vancouver, British Columbia
"The stained-glass window Sarah Hall did for the Jessie's should be part of tours of this city. They are, literally, stunning. Made up of prisms and bits of iridescent glass, they shatter sunlight into dancing
colour that mesmerizes us. The  effect is delight: people always smile
when they first see the windows. I call that art at its finest - creating not only beauty but a message about the human spirit."
"One of the joys of Sarah's art is that each commission wonderfully seems to embrace the whole history of the medium from its Medieval
antecedents through playful quotations of post Renaissance glass to the revival of the Victorian era. It proclaims integrity and continuity!"

Dr. Ursula M. Franklin

C.C.FRSC, Professor Emeritus – Massey College, University of Toronto

Corey Keeble

June Callwood

Curator of European Art; Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario
Project: Jessie's Centre for Teenagers, Toronto, Ontario
"Sarah's windows reflect and dissolve the architecture and create all manner of different understandings. When you come in and get the impression of the windows, it isn't an impression of storytelling. It is ambiance and mood and a certain amount of
mystery and other-worldness."
“A theme that has consistently come up in my interviews with Sarah's clients is her ability to take them on a shared journey of discovery - one which results in windows which don't just lead them down old, familiar roads but which expand and enrich their experience of spirituality."
"Sarah Hall’s religious imagination encompasses both heaven and earth. She re-imagines devotional space in each drawing she transforms into glass. Her windows call us into reverence and contemplation; they evoke wonder and mystery. Each window is specific to its site; each is a fusion of beauty and holiness. Her innovations build on a tradition that includes the rich, deep colours of Notre Dame’s windows in Paris and the austere, almost monochromatic Cistercian windows of York Minster in England—the dance of light in Matisse’s windows in the chapel at Vence and the dignified weight of Rouault’s glasswork."

Philip Markwood

Project: St. John Lutheran, Columbus, Ohio

Professor Peter Coffman

Architectural Historian; Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario
"Sarah focuses on the whole environment, the quality and movement of light. There are always layers and layers of different ideas and glass contours. Hundreds of different experiences each time you see her work. I would call what she does sculpting with light."
"B’nai Keshet is never the same. Coloured light streams in, patterns
form on the walls, glass takes on a sudden glow-and in a moment, all the colour, patterns and glow have disappeared or changed with the movement of the sun or a cloud. And yet, though incredibly dynamic, the words which are most often used to describe B’nai Keshet are "calm and peaceful." Sarah's windows are dynamic because light is never still. Becoming aware of the motion of light, like becoming aware of the motion of breath, creates a stillness of the spirit.

J.S. Porter

Author “The Glass Art of Sarah Hall”

John MacAdam

Art Critic - Now Magazine; Toronto, Ontario
"Sarah has seemingly unlimited imagination and capacity to create works that are unique and appropriate to the individual culture and place. Her work is fresh, strong, yet personal, stirring. It has the potential to quicken the soul; it is not predictable or a cliché”

Rabbi Dan Ehrenkrantz

Project: B’nai Keshet Synagogue, Montclair, New Jersey

Nancy Harvey

Project: Gwen Harris Concert Hall, Paradise Valley, Arizona