Sarah Hall, RCA
Sarah Hall is an internationally recognized artist creating large-scale art glass installations and solar projects. Sarah began her studies at Sheridan College in Ontario and continued her education in the Architectural Glass Department at Swansea College of Art in Wales, UK.
Her exceptional contribution to the built environment has garnered ‘Honor Awards’ from the American Institute of Architects and the ‘Allied Arts Award’' from the Ontario Association of Architects. Hall’s artistic achievements were acknowledged by her induction into the Royal Canadian Academy of Art in 2002 and annual listing in our Canadian Who’s Who.  
In addition to projects, lectures and exhibitions throughout North America and Europe, Hall has co-authored 35 published articles on glass art and published three books: The Color of Light (1999), Windows on Our Souls (2007) with Bob Shantz and Transfiguring Prairie Skies (2012) with Donald Bolen. Her work was the subject of J S Porters’ 2011 beautifully illustrated “The Glass Art of Sarah Hall”
Sarah has been granted an Arts Fellowship from the Chalmers Foundation to support her innovative work in BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) solar art glass. Her art glass projects are fabricated exclusively in Germany.  Sarah is well known for her artistic innovation and pioneering of new glass techniques.  Her ground breaking work was recently featured in the CBC documentary series “Great Minds of Design”.
For more information, visit Sarah's Wikipedia Page for her list of works and the techniques used.